better known as da scout teef2, jerma985 is the bestest youtuber/twitc streamer in the worl.
he make me laugh!

my faviorite part about jerma is the rats. the rats are ratty. look!!! a rat!!!

Jerma head, repeated five times.

haha jk it's just jerma!!!

jerma has done many hahas. his most recdent funny was the amogus.
here is a list of my favourite funnies of his.

The debt!!!!

The debt is a funny haha that started in 2020. mr. elbertson made a bet with his 'chat' on twith.
stating that he'd not miss a shot, and then he missed it! He then ammassed the greatest debt for any one individual!
my faviourte part about it is that jerma is being blackmailled by the 'chat'! It's really funny!


Jerma is a howny person and zerks offa ll theitime on stream!!!!
he denies it,, but ehr elet slip on eday!!!! prof...


etehre was that really col time wher he got roc, adna te it...
he aslo found miencraft diamon!!!! that was cool.!!!!
this,., it soalos wheer ehe announce grooto beast... It's crtelaly fun!!!