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Support Museum

Welcome to the support museum! On this page, is a screenshot of my website (with its level of support) on various platforms and browsers. Take a gander, see how silly I've been.


For my website to be 'supported', I test the following criteria:

A platform being supported means that I will/have placed it in my rota of testing with every change, making sure the website works as good as possible for the given platform. The supported platforms are as follows:

Windows 98

Internet Explorer 5, the version that comes with Windows 98 supports this website. Note that images did not load, and I cannot tell if it's because they were PNGs too new, or if it's because I had to load the site from a CD. (This is technically Windows 98 running through DosBox-X, not a native run (naturally) and I couldn't get networking to work.)

Linux Mint

This is a bit cheating, as this is the platform I'm developing on, but I'll count it regardless.

Firefox 105.0 supports this site, although I think I have some experimental CSS stuff turned on (revolutionary css tags, you get the idea).

Chromium 105.0 supports this site. Also cheating, but not as much, as chromium isn't exactly very good at standards.

Falkon 3.1.0 which is Qt-based, and just uses Qt's web view. I think that's webkit...

Nintendo Devices

The Nintendo 3DS is an officially supported platform. There are some hiccups, but they are not disastrous to the usability of the website, so I think I've done a good job overall.

The DSi was a platform I thought would be funny to test. Turns out it's not far from working. Doesn't make it a supported platform. I should note that the image given here is not a native DSi, it is a modded 3DS (it's surprisingly easy) but it is the DSi software.

I've not yet had an opportunity to try the Wii nor Wii U, and the switch does not have a browser per-se.


Firefox supports this site.

Text-Based browsers

I have only tested a handful of these, but regardless, the website seems fine.


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